Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

♥♥♥My Love Ravi♥♥♥

My wife Ravi 
She is my big Love. We are of one heart and soul. Together we live out our desire of pleasure. And would make Our sexual experiences. Our fantasies comes true. Without her I would not be the human that I am now. She give me everything I need. Love, pleasure, trust, tenderness, dedication, affection and much more. I love her very much and I cannot imagine a life without her now. I enjoy every moment we spend together. She is my Partner  in SL and RL. For me she is the most beautiful women here in SL.

I´m so proud of her. She wants to become a pornstar and a model for nude photos. And she is on her way. Today the first shooting and interview was puplished. From Midnight Shinja photographer and porn producer. It was be published on his blog:

Some Pictures of her:

And Here some Photos of we both:

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