Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

♥When frogs turn into prince charming♥

Do you know that? Fate plays evil wih you. And you think the world is ending. Because the disappointment seems to big. But then a light on the horizon goes on. Finally you will find the right way and the right person which goes it together with you. So everyone will find someday prince/princess charming.Please never been hopeless. 

hugs and kisses:) xoxo ♥Urmeli♥

Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Me in Busted Magazine

I had last year the honor for many issues of the Busted Magazine to work as a model. I was very happy about it. The owner of the Busted Magazine is Rachel Swallows.
For more infos see the Busted Blog:

August issue: Pic by Bewitched Difference

 Oktober issue: Pics by Spirit Eleonara

December issue: Pic by Rachel Swallows

Hugs and kisses ♥ Urmeli

Freitag, 22. Januar 2016

Empire- Episode Two

A new Movie came out with me for a few weeks. I want let you know. Dogstar Productions- Empire-Episode Two. Isa made a Great Job with her Empire series. I love it absolutely!!! I always love it to work with Isa (Isabelle Cheviot). I enjoyed the shooting very much.
Here you can read more about Dogstar Productions and the movies:

Here you can see the movie on Xvideos:

Greetings, Hugs and Kisses:) Urmeli

Samstag, 14. November 2015

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Where the Horizon widens....

Ravi has today presented her new movie. He bears the title "Where the Hoizon widens".
The movie itself does not really have a story. That's not even necessary. In this movie Ravi take you to a journey of relationships who are known right now. Couples who share their everyday life. So they show the common and the intimate moments. You are invited to accompany Ravi at her journey.
When I saw the film, I was overwhelmed by my feelings. To see that gave me inner peace and reassured me very. This movie is great. The interaction between the sequences and the music is wonderful and everything in harmony. the film makes my soul and my heart smile. I love him!
XXX with kisses and ♥ Urmeli
See more details about the movie on Ravis Blog:

You can see the Movie on Xtube:

Where the Horizon widens powered by XTube