Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Where the Horizon widens....

Ravi has today presented her new movie. He bears the title "Where the Hoizon widens".
The movie itself does not really have a story. That's not even necessary. In this movie Ravi take you to a journey of relationships who are known right now. Couples who share their everyday life. So they show the common and the intimate moments. You are invited to accompany Ravi at her journey.
When I saw the film, I was overwhelmed by my feelings. To see that gave me inner peace and reassured me very. This movie is great. The interaction between the sequences and the music is wonderful and everything in harmony. the film makes my soul and my heart smile. I love him!
XXX with kisses and ♥ Urmeli
See more details about the movie on Ravis Blog:

You can see the Movie on Xtube:

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