Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

About me :)

My name is Urmeli Ellisson I live in Second Life since 5 years and 3 months. Second Life is a wonderful world with all the beautiful avatars and fantastic places. Here you can be as you want and what you want. You can do all your innermost desires, dreams and ideas come true and lived out. I love to be a part of this world and to be able to let my imagination run wild.
Switch off from real life and to take on a role. In the 5 years I have experienced a lot of good and bad things. But still, I would never turn my back on Second Life. It is like a second life what the name sums it up in the point. Because of your real life you can not just get off too.
Over the time, I met a lot of nice and loving people. Some people become very good friends of mine. Other contacts parted again. That is life and completly normal. I tried a lot of many styles and things. I evolve me further, and always learn about new things. I have many interests.
I love to talk with others and like stimulating conversations. Spend some time with others to make some party, cuddle or sex.
I am a prospective porn actress and model for nude and porn photos. But My dream is to become a pornstar.Over the years I become an experienced photographer and editor. You can see some of my photos at my Flickr page.I love to be naked, there is no better clothing as your own skin. I also love to show what I have and make and play with my incentives.
I am a female Neko.A playful kitten. I love sex and be open minded to every being. Here in SL I want live out my fantasies and pleasure. There are no taboos.
I´m bisexual and every gender and breed is welcome.No matter if shemales, hermaphrodites, furrys, Beasts, My favorites are 2some-xsome, be nude, lesbian, public sex, groupsex, beastiality, burkkake, maturbation, anal and oralsex. I will be open for BDSM. My only restriction is ageplay and children.

Here you can go to my Flickr:

Photo by Ladydarside Resident

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