Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

I found you broken on the ground 
And from your mouth a bitter sound 
That became sweeter as I approached 
You in your deepest agony

I put you up and raised you well 
And more than stories ever tell 
I feel in love with you those days 
And hoped that you would too

You've been a fallen angel 
Ripped out of the sky 
But as your wings grew strong enough 
You left me - behind to die

We built up a own world together 
For our future I assumed 
I believed in what you said that day 
But was already doomed

The more you've learned and grown 
The less you cared for me 
But I was too blinded by my feelings 
To see the dawning agony

"I love you more than I can say 
And we will never part" 
You told me nearly every day 
But still you broke my heart

As soon as you could fly again 
Into the open sky 
You left me without any reason 
Back on this world to die
© Lame Immortelle

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