Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

La Dolche Vita...♥

My wife Ravi finally released her second movie. Under her label Bhairavi Production with the name La Dolche Vita. The shooting time was long. It took three month to realize the movie. But now it´s done:)
The story of the film tells from the couple Ravi and Urmeli. The Two met her friends Yana and Charley to a sailing tour. To enjoy the sunbeams on their bare skin, relaxing and for some sex:)
The Cast was:
Yana Grau
Charley Eismann-Juutilainen
Ravi Redfield
Urmeli Ellisson

I am very proud of my wife for these great realization of her ideas. And am honored to be a part of this project. It was a lot of pleasure for me to be in it:)

here you can see some more details on Ravis Blog:

and here is the movie. Hope you enjoy:)

xxx cuddles and kisses Urmeli♥

La Dolce Vita powered by XTube

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