Montag, 27. Juli 2015

♥Onyx Blaze♥

I´m so happy. It´s done. Onyx Blaze is finally finished. I can not put it into words, what this movie means to me. It was a personal affair of the heart, to make this movie.
Ravi had the idea for it. But I was involved from the beginning in the development of the script.
It gave me a lot of fun. I listened enthusiastic to Ravis ideas. I was happy about  her Idea to show the picture from my sight. So I could tell myself to her, my own emotions, and how I want to see the Character Onyx. The characters Crystal and Onyx are no one else then Ravi and I.
I enjoyed each of the shootings.Most of all I liked the shoot along with Sandra Palletier in the BDSM sequence. My favorite sequence of the movie is with Marika Blaisdale.
Ravi has done an amazing and great job as director and editor. I admire her.

Here you can see some more details about the movie On Ravis Blog:

And here you can see Onyx Blaze:

Onyx Blaze powered by XTube

kisses Urmeli ♥